Volkswagen Cup Round 2 Rockingham

The first weekend in May Laura was back out in the VW car for her second round of the 2015 VW Cup Championship at Rockingham.

What started off a really good weekend, with a consistent drive on the Friday test day ended up with a dissopointing result.
Qualifying 17th for race one and 15th for race three on a 29 car grid wasn’t a bad result for her second qualify session in the saloon car. However a top ten was certainly on the cards as the timings were exstremly close, it meant that only 4 tenths would have taken Laura from 17th place right into the top ten.

Race one,  gave Laura a reasonable start making up four places within the first lap, unfortunately a small mistake where she was pushing hard to stop people from diving down the inside, forced her to go into the last corner a little too hot and with still not much heat in the tyres she spun off having to wait for the field to all pass before she could set off again. Laura did manage to come back through to finish 21st and with another lap, would have been in the top 19.

Race two was wet and this was Laura’s first race in the rain, “Rockingham isn’t an easy circuit to be racing in the damp conditions as the surface is really slippery at the best of times”. Her start wasn’t as good as it could have been but again Laura was making up places and had caught back up with the front group. A group of cars in front had spun off and whilst trying to avoid them, she to spun in the wet conditions. Restarting Laura was forced to pull my way back through the field yet again.

The final race was dry and Laura was beaming with confidence about this last race at Rockingham Speedway but unfortunately the car wouldn’t get off the line quick enough and Laura had ended up at the back of the grid before turn one. Again, picking her way back through the field she was overtaking where possible, however something didn’t feel right in the car as she lacked bottom end power to pull her out of the corners making it difficult to get a run up on people and overtake. Laura did finish a respectful 18th in the end but it wasn’t the result she had hoped for at the beginning of the weekend, and she left the circuit disappointed but confident and more driven than ever to get it right for the next race at Silverstone at the end of the month.
Laura would like to thank Team Hard and Tony Gillham for all their hard work and efforts throughout the weekend, “I know we didn’t get the result we had all hoped for but the team work really hard and I know that I will come very soon”.

Mean time, Laura has been back out testing karts and is looking to compete in a one off event in the KF European Championships (somewhere hot hopefully)

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Rockingham Round 2 of the VW Cup Championship 2015

Rockingham Round 2 of the VW Cup Championship 2015

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