The much anticipated Thruxton track proved to be a disaster for Laura this weekend

The meeting was held as a one day event with only 15 minutes practice on the morning before the race. Laura felt quite confident and after practice she went out to qualifying feeling positive and fairly upbeat. She was one of the last drivers to go out, and was winding up to putting in one of her last laps, when disaster struck.

She hit the tyre wall at Noble doing approximately 120mph. The accident was described as “horrific”- snapping the car in two and splitting the engine away from the monocoque. It was later understood that a competitor’s car had leaked engine coolant on the track before coming into the pitts. It was this that led to Laura losing control of the car. “I just felt the back of the car start to slip and couldn’t understand why. No matter what I did with the steering, the car was not responding. I just had to let the car go, and braced myself for the impact as I could see the wall approaching fast”.

Fellow team mate Seb Morris, saw the crash happen and stopped his car on the track, running over to Laura’s car to help her (what a gent!). Amazingly she managed to climb from the wreckage, before being taken by ambulance to Basingstoke hospital for an X ray and then kept in for several hours under observation.

Due to reluctantly being detained in hospital, Laura was unable to participate in either of the two races that day.

Laura’s now back fighting fit, if not feeling a little unstoppable. “It makes you realise just how strong and safe the cars are. I can’t wait to get back on the track again”
Next race Croft 21st/22nd July all being well!

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