Sponsorship proposal

Richard Pardon - Laura Tillett (11 of 33)Laura is looking to compete in high level of motor racing. She is a well-known women in motorsport labeled as one of the most talented females in the industry to date. There will be many supporting fans waiting for Laura to move up through cars.

Laura set the record for being the first British female to complete in the Top level CIK world karting championship. After achieving two works drives with the largest manufactures of karting in the world, many would say Laura is a worthy candidate for the top classes in cars.

Looking to the future, Laura hopes to move into the worldwide higher class of racing which holds great potential for a wide spread in advertising. Long term she has targeted to Land herself in DTM on a paid drive, the American sport of Indie car racing or Aiming high to be a professional F1 driver which I believe with the right team and backing is possible for her to do.

“I want to change the image that most girl drivers perceive I want to be seen as a serious competitor and I aim to have a large fan base that appreciates my team and my hard work and efforts. I want to make them part of the experience”.

If Laura was to go DTM or F1 she would be a massive connection for your business and can get a massive amount of publicity for your company.

Laura has been kindly supported by a number of great well known companies such as

Puma MotorsportKinesio TapePoint RacingTillett Racing Seats, High5

Laura also is a supporter of the children’s charity CLIC Sargent and she tries to help out however she can. CLIC Sargent is the charity chosen to be supported by the 2013 Silverstone Grand Prix.

Any help towards Laura’s future is appreciated and if not yourselves please forward to anyone you may know that possibly will have interest’s in investments in Laura’s career.

If you are interested in supporting Laura please contact us at laura@lauratillett.com