MRF Challenge, Final round at Chennai India

Laura’s goals were set right from the moment of landing in India for the last and final round, she was determined to finish on a high in the MRF Championship. Laura improved massively throughout but felt that her results up till now hadn’t shown her true potential in the championship.

From the moment of leaving the pit lane, Laura had improved tremendously from last year when she raced at the Chennai circuit, so much so that Laura times were looking positive for a good result.

Unable to get everything out of the qualifying, Laura qualified 10th place which wasn’t the result she had hoped for but it was still a reasonablely decent starting place for the races.
Race one, and a huge pileup on the start line caused chaos throughout the grid and with Laura’s car being one for the seven involved and rear damaged took Laura out the race.

Race two, Laura’s start was good enough for her to miss some very near accidents and race easily in the top ten. Unfortunately not long into the race, Freddie Hunt late braking down the inside of Laura t-boned the rear left of the car, elevating it up and over. Laura’s car continued to roll until the car was back upright but this had damaged all four corners and Laura was unable to finish the race. “I was lucky to walk away without a scratch. I wasn’t sure what people were thinking after this point, whether I would even go back out for races three and four. Well let’s just say, no one can stop me racing, ever!”

After the guys from MRF worked through the night to get the car back together, both Laura and car were up and ready for a shakedown early Sunday morning.
Race three, and after the team had worked so hard to get the car back on track, Laura was determined  to prove her strength by not letting this big crash shake her up.
“I had great start that put me in a great position and back on pace. It was a great confidence boost and I am sure people did not expect me to achieve this so quickly.”

Finishing 8th for race three, this meant Laura would start 8th for race four. Although she didn’t make any finishing places, her start was good which gave her the chance to keep up with the front pack and even close to overtaking the Championship winner Toby Sowery. “It was great to leave on a high for the team, and myself, especially after the weekend we’d had. I was up there on the times and had the best car race to date. Next time I will get that podium for sure!”

Laura would like to thank the MRF for another amazing championship year and a big thank you to all those responsible for getting her back out of the track for Sunday.

For any onboard or clips from the Chennai race, keep tuned to the website or the Veho website where they will be uploading a highlight video from the weekend.

Thank you to Veho for lending me some amazing equipment for Chennai.



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