MRF Challenge 2015, round one Abu Dhabi

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Round 1, MRF Challenge 2015 at Abu Dhabi Yas Marina

Back for another year in the MRF Challenge, Laura was looking forward to getting out on the Abu Dhabi circuit and drive the 2.0 Renault backed single seater again.

Laura’s first round was squeezed into two solid days and with only two practise sessions before qualifying, Laura had to learn quick. The 26 corner circuit was a challenge for Laura to learn within two session before setting a time in qually, and with a 17 car grid, Laura was determined to keep pushing throughout the races to finish the weekend with a good result and good start to the season.

Laura had a good start in race one and was coming through the battling grid. Passing two drivers who came off together just in front of her, Laura thought it was an easy two places made, but with their determination to continue to race, one of the drivers came rushing back onto the live circuit and into the side of Laura’s car damaging her rear wheel and she had to retire from the race.

In races two and three Laura kept pushing her way through the grid, but with only two major overtaking places on the big Abu Dhabi circuit, it was hard to over take anyone defending and one driver in particular was proving difficult to overtake. Once past, Laura tried to catch the pack back up but it was hard as the gap had become big within a short period of time.

Race four was another mega start for Laura, but realising the driver who had been defending and making the previous races difficult was just in front. Laura knew she had to make a move quickly before the gap became too big to regain. She went for the gap which he was closing up, gritting her teeth and holding her place Laura passed the driver and gained the place which allowed her to pull away from the pack behind. Laura went on to overtake two more drivers and finish the weekend with an great result of 9th.

Laura is really looking forward to the next round at Bahrain where she feels she will improve on her result from Abu Dhabi
“Abu Dhabi was a difficult race for me, I can’t explain how but sometimes things just don’t go the way we would like. I know Bahrain well and have had a brilliant races there in the past so I really look forward to making more progression forward there and getting closer to the top 5.”


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