Laura’s big come back at the DKM Genk

Laura’s first outing in 9 months was bound to be difficult, especially as it was in the competitive arena of the DKM championship. Probably the most competitive national KF series in the world.

The practice was marred by the terrible weather and an engine blow up, not the best preparation when with a new team.

It was dry for qualifying and Laura found herself qualifying 19th with not a bad time, considering all the dry running was done slowly running in the engine.

Heat one was a great start with Laura getting back into the racing, a small engine power problem was rectified but the engine blew up in the second heat.

In the finals the wet returned and Laura made it up to 23rd from 31st. The final was ruined on the first corner when she was hit from behind and another driver drove over the front of Laura bending the steering. She continued to 19th with a decent lap time with such damaged steering.

Tough luck on her return to high level karting but at all times Laura looked good in the kart and even with a damaged steering and small engine problem in the final, Laura was only four tenths off the fastest time.

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