Laura finishes 25th at the Macau World Championship

Laura was the first British female to ever compete in the World Championship of the premier class of karting and she made it through to the final in conditions that were anything but easy. The track was breaking up, which caused everyone a headache with set up as the track was constantly changing.

In qualifying she was 5th in group and 16th overall. She was faster than many super stars and out qualified 5 times World Champion Davide Fore and current KZ World Cup winner Jonathon Thonon. In the first heat an Italian driver drove right over her, so she had a smashed up kart and a non finish. A non finish could have taken her out the final but she battled to get two good finishes in the other heats and this got her grid 30 in the 34 kart pre final.
In the main final another driver drove up her back at the start getting stuck on top of her, 25th was her final position.

Laura finishes 25th at the Macau World Championship

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