Final round of the MRF Challenge in Chennai

With almost a month since her last outing in the MRF car, Laura was excited to get back out again in Chennai. With nerves and excitement Laura worked hard over the break to prepare for her last time out in the MRF championship.

The Chennai circuit proved slightly challenging due to its differences from the other tracks of the series, but with four 45min sessions Laura had ample time to learn the difficult track.

History repeating itself when Laura spent three of the four sessions chasing a gear box problem. Just as in Delhi, the box had trouble shifting up but was later fixed after the third session.
With a working box Laura could now focus on the racing and work her way back through the grid, knowing she couldn’t settle for anything out of the top ten.
Laura received a strong 13th and 9th in the first two races but a problem had been brought to her attention as she struggled to tow up to people on the straight, this was also showing a big problem off the line as the engine didn’t seem to have the gumption like the others.
With the problem out of her hands Laura pushed on and continued to learn from the experience.

Laura’s third race was looking promising as she pulled her was back through the field, unfortunately  luck didn’t last long as her fire extinguisher went off in the tub, affecting her vision. Laura saw no option but to pull into the pits and retired from the race.
Sunday approached and with Laura’s last two chances in the car, she didn’t want to waste a lap.
Receiving another promising 10th in the fourth race, Laura’s last race was now a “go hard or go home” moment.
Looking like she was going to receive another top ten finish Laura pushed a little too hard, slipping wide off the circuit into a pothole causing the rear wishbone bolt to snap, Laura pulled into the pits gutted it was over but extremely happy to have been able to race.

Laura would like to give her thanks to the MRF challenge, JA Motorsport, Mr Anand, Danny King (engineer) and all the help of her mechanics, Ginge, Milky and JJ.
She would also like to thank everyone involved in the Championship for making it an amazing series and of her sponsors that have helped throughout.


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