Now with many of Laura’s dreams have been achieved, competing in the Karting World Championships, becoming a works factory driver and competing in a Formula Single seater series with a high level of competition, Laura now wants to push herself forward in motorsport making a name for women drivers in motorsport.

For the last 3 years Laura has been competing in single seater cars. It offers experience of wings and slicks and aerodynamics, it has proven to be the most popular route for the top drivers over the last decade. Laura is now looking to move up into the higher class of motorsport and compete against many great drivers.

Laura’s long term ambition is to break into Formula 1 on merit, unlike many other women in motorsport Laura is determined to prove she deservers to be there because of her unique talent and not just for being a minority in a male dominated sport.

“Laura is a fast and natural driver as any I have helped over the years, With the right backing she can go a long way in Motorsport” –Terry Fullerton, the man Senna couldn’t beat.

Richard Pardon - Laura Tillett (19 of 33)