8 months later, Laura drives again

For the beginning of 2014 Laura competed in the last round of the MRF Challenge, a championship that she really enjoyed competing in over the winter period.Once the last lap was completed at the Chennai Circuit, Laura could only hope that she would be back out in the car very soon after. Unfortunately she struggled to find the budget to race this year until her luck changed and she would be able to compete again in the MRF Challenge.This year the championship races will be held in Qatar (night race), Bahrain and Chennai.Excited to be out in the car again Laura couldn’t wait to get to Qatar to start racing.

A difficult but fun circuit to drive, and with Laura being out of the car for almost 8 month, it took her a little time to get back into the swing of throwing the car around. Laura improved every time she got out in the car but an incident with another driver in qualifying saw Laura only completing 3 laps and damage to the car. Able to repair the front left of the car Laura then had to start the races from the back. Four great starts and pushing to make places, it just wasn’t Laura’s weekend, with her just missing out on the top ten every time.

The fourth and final race put Laura up there with the competitive times, and a great start pushed Laura up to the top ten. Within the first lap a driver came from nowhere to try and make an impossible move on Laura, hitting the side of her car and taking her out of the position. Laura carried on and even with the competitive times, the huge Qatar Circuit made it difficult for her to catch the pack back up.

“It wasn’t the best weekend for results but the times were looking good in the end, I am more ready then ever to push for that top five result in Bahrain”. “Driving at night was a very different experience which I would love to do again”.

Laura is now preparing for the next round at Bahrain and will be pushing to achieve that top result.

“I would like to thank the MRF Challenge and JA Motorsport for what is always an amazing championship and atmosphere”.

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